Gislers pie company brisbane

Fundraising Packages

School Groups

Let the Gilser’s Team help raise funds for your school’s next project or equipment purchase.

Sporting Teams

Gisler’s can help your local team travel interstate for the finals or buy those new jerseys.

Community Groups

Community Groups are often the unsung hero’s in any Neighbourhood. We’re always keen to support a good cause!

On behalf of Gisler’s Roadside Pie Cafe, we are reaching out to you to present a delightful and widely appreciated fundraising idea that is both simple and effortless.

We are delighted to introduce our pie drives, featuring the most popular flavors from our savory selection and the finest sweet fruit-flavored pies available.

These products offer exceptional value to buyers, with all profits dedicated to your pie-drive’s purpose.

Additionally, we provide complimentary delivery within our business hours, allowing you to choose a convenient time and date. Alternatively, you may opt to collect your order from our store at 123 Boundary Rd, Thornlands.

We highly recommend reaching out to family, friends, and neighbors to inquire whether they would like to stock their fridges and freezers with these delectable products. Our pies are freshly made to order and delivered freshly baked—not frozen.

Please note that there is a two-week turnaround period between placing an order and the scheduled delivery or pick-up time.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist and support your fundraising cause.